Special Session

Titel: Special Session in Honour of Prof. Karl Rawer's 100th Birthday
Datum: Dienstag, 24. September 2013
Koordinatoren: Prof. Bodo Reinisch und  Dr. Matthias Förster

Abstract: On the occasion of his 100th birthday this session will honor Prof. Karl Rawer, a pioneer of ionospheric physics research in Germany. The ionosphere was discovered during his life time, and he has dedicated his life to its comprehensive exploration. He initiated and led the development of the first now widely used empirical model of this part of the Earth's environment, the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI), under the auspices of COSPAR and URSI. The horrible events of world wars I and II shaped his early life, but they also launched his career as one of the eminent geophysical scientists of the twentieth century. The session will reflect on the diverse facets of his scientific career and the various developments that emerged in wide-spread branches of ionospheric research.